Everything begins in 1996 when we purchased a bathhouse; You may wonder what is the link between a bathhouse and produce bags.

Working at the beach, it was the agenda that some unfortunate reviews was to complain of theft under the umbrella:

Once the pocketbook was gone, another mobile phone and another even the whole bag. We began to intensify controls but nothing to do, how do you distraevi a moment pickpockets entered in action; then we put at the disposal of the security deposit to apply but also those were inconvenient to manage; then we started to think of a safer method to rest assured our clients.

in the summer of 2000 we did try a beach bag for objects that you can attach to any umbrella or sun lounger, fixed with a combination lock and is made of a material-cutting.

This security bag was so successful that we wondered: Why use this idea for the beach only and not for every day and for all the places most at risk?

the rest is this ...